The Case of Pvt. George Huey

Charles Huey was a resident of Luzerne County and mustered into service with the 53rd Pennsylvania Infantry on October 3, 1861. Evidently, Private Huey got into a scrape with someone of importance and after a court martial, was sent to the U.S. Military prison in the Dry Tortugas but had a lucky reprieve the following May. Huey was not able to return to the regiment before it was mustered out of service that June. Submitted by Joel Peterson & Scott Kunkle.

War Department

Adjutant Generals Office

Washington, May 9, 1865

Special Order No 216. (Extract)

40. The unexpired portion of the sentence to confinement in the case of Private Charles Huey, Company F, 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteers now in confinement at Dry Tortuga, Florida, and the forfeiture of pay from this date, are remitted, on condition that he returns to and serves out the term of his enlistment with that regiment, which would have remained unexpired if he had not been discharged by sentence of a General Court Martial, published in General Court Martial Orders, No. 287, of September 3d, 1864 from this Office.

The Quartermaster Department will furnish the necessary transportation.

By order of the Secretary of War:
E.D. Townsend
Assistant Adjutant General