instructional/Training documents and videos –

The 53rd PVI strives for authenticity in uniform, equipment, drill, and camp life. We strive to do things period-correct, as they were explained in the original Army manuals and tactics as well as from first-hand accounts by the soldiers. The following documents, videos, etc. are presented here to help our members achieve authenticity and help improve their impressions.

Handouts from some past NR School Of Instruction (SOI) sessions:

Story of the 12th Ohio Volunteer Infantry – presented by Mike Kraus

What Each Soldier Should Have In The Field – The Blanket Roll – presented by Paul Martinello

Campaigning – Staying Warm and Dry – presented by Paul Martinello

Pioneering – presented by Paul Parvis

Union Veterans – Service Record Summary – presented by Mike Espenshade

Gettysburg Campaign – Meade’s Pursuit of Lee (ppt) – presented by George F. Franks III

Other Training Documents:

Silas Casey’s 1862 Infantry Tactics: Casey’s vol.1 and Casey’s vol.2

Camp Guard

Duties of the Sentinel

Guard Ceremony

Skirmish Drill Basics

The Letters of Elias S. Peck

Summary Of Drill For The Color Company

Civil War Drill Simplified

Training Videos:

Civil War Digital Digest has lots of great videos. A sampling of them below are shown below. You can see their full list of videos by visiting their YouTube page.

Stacking Arms (Casey’s)

Campaigning In the Civil War – Shelter

Cartridge Box 101

Reverse Arms

Resting On Arms

Civil War Regimental Staff

Musket Tools

Blanket Stitches

Packing Your Knapsack

Field Cleaning Your Musket

Successive Formations – Drill