Fellow Regiments

The National Regiment

1st Maryland Infantry

3rd Maryland Infantry

14th Connecticut Infantry, Co. F

Co. D, 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry – The “Lincoln Guards”

5th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Co A

6th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Co E

5th New York Volunteer Infantry
– “Duryee’s Zouaves”

7th PA Reserves (36th PVI)

9th PA Reserves Co. C

8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

20th Massachusetts Infantry – The “Harvard Regiment”

Syke’s Regulars (2nd & 4th US Infantry)

Trusted Suppliers and Sutlers

S&S Sutler

Regimental Quartermaster (Campaigner Gear Only)

Missouri Boot and Shoe

Dirty Billy Hats

Tim Bender Hats

Wambaugh and White

N.J. Sekela

Dell Leather Works

M.B. Young and Co.

C.J. Daley

L.D. Haning

Corner Clothiers

Carter & Jasper

Otter Creek Tinware

Sutler of Fort Scott

The Button Baron

B&B Tart

Charlie Childs

Wm. Booth & Draper

C&D Jarnagin

Stony Brook Company

South Union Mills (Handkerchief and Rain gear)

Cresent City Sutlers (Corps Badges Only)

Sullivan Press

Blazing Star Press

Cunningham Tinware

Greg Starbuck (Forage Hats)

Lodgewood Muskets (Defarbing)

Harpers Ferry Muskets

Societies & Organizations

W. S. Hancock Society

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Civil War Preservation Trust

Forums, News & Sites of Interest

The Authentic Campaigner – Web site for Authentic Civil War Living History Units

Civil War Reenactors Forum

The Civil War News

The Camp Chase Gazette

Jonah World! – Home of that web nemesis, Jonah Begone

Military Images Magazine

The Watchdog

Reference & Research

53rd Pennsylvania Infantry Veterans Buried in Canada – History and rosters of the 53rd PVI, hosted by Daniel Stephen Doyle.

Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System

National Archives & Records Administration

eHistory – On line resource of military history.

George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War – Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV


Talonsoft – Creators of excellent Civil War CD-Rom games.

Civil War

Mad Minute Games – Home of “The Battle of Bull Run, Take Command 1861” and other CD-Rom games.

WAR3DII– Fight the Battle of Gettysburg in 3-D, from Norb Software Development.

History Matters – History Matters.Biz, a place for kids! Civil War coloring books for children.

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