The 53rd P.V.I. attends several battle reenactments and living history events throughout the year. Some of the reenactments we’ve attended include Sailor’s Creek, Gettysburg, Burkittsville, Bentonville, Spotsylvania Court House, 150th Anniversary of Chancellorsville , “Gates of Washington” (Monocacy), Cedar Creek, Antietam, “Lee Takes Command” (Elizabethtown, PA), Shenandoah 1864, and other events.  Our unit is a member of the National Regiment, a battalion-sized organization that includes more than twenty Federal infantry groups.  At the larger events, the National Regiment acts as a single unit, giving its members a special thrill as we recreate a Civil War regiment, complete with a band, field officers, and staff officers.

We pride ourselves on the “living history” aspect of the hobby.  Civil War soldiers did not fight all the time.  More often than not, they spent lots of time in camp drilling, cleaning their equipment, cooking, killing boredom, and then drilling some more.  In this capacity, we seek to educate the public about how the Federal Civil War soldier lived on a daily basis.  We regularly have living history encampments at Gettysburg National Military Park as well as the Berks Heritage Center near Reading, Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, Fort McHenry in Baltimore and many other state and national historic sites.  We also participate in many other interesting and unusual events including background artists in movies, documentaries, and paintings.  Several of our members participated in the motion pictures “Glory”, “Gettysburg”, “Gods & Generals”, and other numerous television documentary programs.  We are also active in campaign marches, whether it is a march from South Mountain to Antietam or a march into Gettysburg, we get the feel of what a “hike” was like for the typical soldier.  The 53rd PVI also has participated in tactical events, similar to a simulated ‘war game’ where the officers must use their skill and knowledge of tactics to maneuver the men in the field under real-life situations in real-time.  Whether making an assault on a fort or protecting your flank against the enemy, anything can occur at a tactical.  Some of our members also specialize in speaking about the life of the soldier and Civil War medicine for schools, youth groups and other organizations.  Contact us for further information and availability.

We wrap up each re-enacting season with a festive holiday Christmas dinner and party each January.  Members choose a place that recreates the ambiance for a mid-nineteenth century feast.

The 53rd Pennsylvania usually attends at least one event per month.  We meet over the winter to roll cartridges, drill, and integrate new members.  Our yearly dues are used to offset the cost of buying company equipment such as powder and percussion caps.

2020 Event Schedule:

11 Jan. – Annual Holiday Party
1-2 Feb. – Winter Drill (Landis Valley Museum)
29 Feb. – 1 March – National Regiment School of Instruction (Gettysburg)
14 March – Cartridge Rolling Party (1st Sgt.’s home)
4 April – Adopt-A-Position – 53rd PVI Spring Monument Cleanup (Gettysburg) (Cancelled)
2-3 May – National Regiment Camp of Instruction (Gruber Wagon Works – Reading) 53rd PVI MAX Effort (Cancelled)
16-17 May  – USAHEC Event – 53rd PVI MAX Effort (Carlisle) (Cancelled)
25 May – Hummelstown Memorial Day Parade (Cancelled)
18-19 July – Landis Valley Museum “Civil War Days” (Lancaster) 53rd PVI MAX Effort (Cancelled)
29-30 Aug. – Gettysburg Living History (Spangler Spring – Gettysburg NMP) 53rd PVI MAX Effort (Cancelled)

12-13 Sept. – Burkittsville Re-Enactment (Burkittsville , MD) – 53rd/NR Max Effort
17-18 Oct. – Cedar Creek Re-Enactment (Middletown, Virginia) 53rd/NR Max Effort (Cancelled)
7 Nov. – Adopt-A-Position – 53rd PVI Fall Monument Cleanup (Gettysburg)
21 Nov. – Remembrance Day Parade (Gettysburg)
5 Dec. – 53rd PVI Annual Meeting (1st Sgt.’s home)

2020 Secondary Event Schedule:

3-5 April – Lee’s Last Stand Re-Enactment (Cancelled)
8-9 August – Cedar Mountain Re-Enactment (1st MN)
5-6 Sept. – Bedford Village (1st MN)